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Conference Interpreting and Translation Specialising in Social Sciences, Environment and Law
... the environmental specialist translator
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  •  Conference Interpreting and Translation
    specialising in environment and social sciences
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  • How can I give an order for translation/interpreting?
    • Request a quote by clicking on Quote Request and filling in and submitting the form, or send an e-mail
      (, or call us at T: +36209346101.
    • Send us the document as we agreed.
    • We send you written confirmation on accepting the order (for translation/interpreting) and the related conditions (agreed price, deadline, payment conditions, delivery of translation to customer); you are requested to confirm it by your signature and send the signed order note back to us by fax or e-mail.
    • 4. The finished translation wil be delivered to you as agreed.
  • How can I make the document to be translated available to you?
    • Electronically (by e-mail, attachment, or large size documents can be sent through sites suitable for sending large documents via the Internet, e.g. in Hungary)
    • By fax
    • By posted letter
    • by courier service
      Note: Preference is for electronic sending, as it enables us to „overwrite” the text and keep the original format of the document. Working from a hard copy involves extra work for us and extra costs for you.
  • How can I get the finished translation from you?
    Electronically (in e-mail or via Internet), by fax, on CD/DVD, by courier service or you can take it personally from our office.
  • How do you calculate the price of the finished translation?
    Calculation is based on the number of characters of the Source Text: Tools › Number of Words › Number of Characters. That is, when you place an order, you immediately know the price to be paid.
  • When is revision or proofreading needed?
    In general, documents intended for publication, official documents (e.g.: company documents) or contracts are required to be revised and/or proofread. In case of high value contracts, publications or official documents you are advised to always request mother tongue revision. Certified/notarised/apostille/sworn translations are always to be proofread.
  • When is certified translation required?
    In general, Hungarian authorities require certified translation of the foreign documents submitted to them. Languages International is registered by the Hungarian Chamber of Civil Notaries and is authorised to perform the certified translation of company documents from a foreign language to Hungarian and to perform the translation of other documents, but certification of these other documents can only be done by OFFI if these documents are intended for use in Hungary. OFFI’s exclusive competence in certification of other documents, however, is limited to Hungary, as, in line with the certification practice in other European countries, translation made by authorised translators bearing their certification statement and signature is also widely accepted in Europe.

    Certified translation of Hungarian language official document is needed abroad only when the receiving institution specifically requires so. Consequently, before placing an order for certified translation, you should clarify with the foreign institution if they request an attested public document issued by OFFI or they are satisfied with certified/notarised/apostille/sworn translation issued by an authorised translator.
  • In case of larger amount of text how do you ensure consistency of terminology?
    Recurring texts are translated by using SDL TRADOS translation memory that enables us to ensure consistency of terminology.
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Conference Interpreting and Translation Specializing in Social Sciences, Environment and Law

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