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Conference Interpreting and Translation Specialising in Social Sciences, Environment and Law
... the environmental specialist translator
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  •  Our Clients:
    International organisations, EU institutions,
    private businesses
  •  Our Clients:
    Government departments, national agencies,
    authorities, municipalities
  •  Conference Interpreting and Translation
    specialising in environment and social sciences
  •  Legal Translations,
    Certified Translations
  •  Conference Interpreting
    Conference Equipment
LANGUAGES INTERNATIONAL is a translation company established in 1996 for the provision of translation, interpreting and proofreading services.
English, French, German, Italian, Russian
Main Subjects:
Environment and nature protection, agriculture, energy, law, policing matters, accreditation, certification, standards, quality systems, education, culture, public administration

Government departments, international organisations, European Union institutions, national organisations and authorities, municipalities, international and Hungarian enterprises.
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What we offer?
High quality translations and interpretation demonstrated by our long term business contacts;
A team of interpreters and translators that have been working together for a long time;
Long term references in the domains that we represent;
Consistency in terminology for our regular customers;
All types of interpreting (consecutive, conference, simultaneous, chuchotage) and full scale conference technology.

Conference Interpreting and Translation Specializing in Social Sciences, Environment and Law

Conference Interpreting, Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation, Hungarian Certified/Notarised/Apostille/Sworn Translations, Hungarian Environment Protection Translations, Hungarian Legal Translations, English-Hungarian Translation Services, Company Documents Translation,
Conference Interpretation Systems

Dr. Szomor Erika, Tel: +36 20 9 346 101, +36 30 8646583, Fax: +36 1 6076333,
We have provided translation / interpretation
services in the following languages:

English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish,
Portuguese, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Slovenian, Serbian,
Croatian, Roumanian, Russian, Albanian, Turkish.