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Conference Interpreting and Translation Specialising in Social Sciences, Environment and Law
... the environmental specialist translator
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Specialist translation, interpretation in English, French, German, Italian, Russian



Simultaneous interpreting:
Interpreting at conferences/events via an interpretation booth, 2 interpreters working in each language pair
Consecutive interpreting:
Consecutive interpreting of presentations, meetings, negotiations

Escort interpreting:
Accompanying delegations, negotiating parties and performing interpretation as necessary
Chuchotage interpreting:
Simultaneous whispering interpretation to max. 3 persons


By mother tongue revisors/proofreaders on special request, except in case of certified (notarised/apostille/sworn) translation which is to be revised in any case.


Interpetation booths, total audio equipment (in conformity with standards IEC 60914, ISO 4043 and ISO 2603) and technical staff available during the event.


Regular /urgent/express delivery
File formats: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF

Environmental and Nature Protection Translation

Rules of law, contracts, tenders, specialist authority documents, EIAs, audits, reviews, decisions/resolutions by authorities, expert presentations, expert documents, analyses, EMS/EMAS documents, environmental statements, technology specifications

Legal Translation

Company documents, official documents, court decisions, litigation documents, purchase and sale agreements, lease contracts, Articles of Association, Deed of Foundation, Declaration on Confidentiality, Power of Attorney, Framework Agreement

Certified/Notarised/Apostille/Sworn Translation

Certified Translation of official documents: A certified translation consists of a copy of the original, the translation thereof, and the translator’s statement certifying that the translation is in full conformity with the original text in the target language. The qualified translator’s name, signature and registration number are also included.
When certified translation is intended to be used in Hungary: Provisions of Decree 24/1986 MT shall apply. Accordingly, we are authorised to perform certified translation of foreign company documents, and translation of other documents. Certification of other documents is performed by OFFI (National Office for Translation Attestation).
When certified translation is intended to be used outside Hungary: Certified/notarised/apostille/sworn translation of Hungarian language documents. Before placing an order, please verify the type of legalisation required for your translated documents as legalisation varies depending on the purpose for which it is being translated and legalised.
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Conference Interpreting and Translation Specializing in Social Sciences, Environment and Law

Conference Interpreting, Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation, Hungarian Certified/Notarised/Apostille/Sworn Translations, Hungarian Environment Protection Translations, Hungarian Legal Translations, English-Hungarian Translation Services, Company Documents Translation,
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